Episode 4 – Not THAT Tina Fey

This week, the girls get philosophical AND actually do some research! They tackle the devastating disappearance of Kaytlynn Cargill (and what an AMBER Alert is and isn’t) and try to sandwich that heaviness with hilarity: yet another toe thief, the Cruella deVil of Great Danes, and Halley (poorly) impersonating her mom. ALSO: Karah updates us on Making a Murderer, and Halley postulates that true crime lovers are smarter than everyone else.

Amarillo Stand-Off

Canadian Toe Thief

Making a Murderer Updates- Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery

Bedford, TX Child Disappearance

Great Dane Puppy Mill Mansion

Podcast Rec’s

In The Dark – Hosted by Madeleine Baran

Binge Mode: Game of Thrones – From TheRinger.Com

Episode 3 – Georgia, Good Enough

Join Halley and Karah this week as they fall in love with a heroic hottie, learn what “El Chapo” means (and where he is now), and get a little bit jealous of a (foiled) murder-for-hire plot. And, of course, they discuss the Cosby mistrial and the conviction of Michelle Carter. BONUS: Karah writes a country song and Halley does an SNL cheer.

Cosby Analysis

Michelle Carter

Houston Murder-For-Hire: Patch.com & KPRC Houston

Georgia Inmate Escape: CNN & NY Daily News

Cartel Wives: Chicago Sun Times & NY Daily News

Justifiable Homicide

Book Rec’s

It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

Podcast Rec’s

S-Town hosted by Brian Reed

Mystery Show hosted by Starlee Kine. Case #3 Belt Buckle is especially amazing.

Episode 2 – Morgan Freeman: Fly as Hell

This week, Karah digs into the controversial case of Michelle Carter (and her eyebrows), Halley reports on the Cosby special as if she watched it on Quaaludes, Convicted leaves the girls unc-c-convinced, and Halley gets lured down a rabbit hole by Summer Santa. Also: OJ reminds us how old we are, Snapchat stars in two different cases, and a repressed memory gives everybody goosebumps.

Courtney Love to Play Mrs. Menendez

Playboy model Snapchat

War Machine / Christy Mack Case

Snapchat Shooting

Texting Suicide Trial

Bill Cosby Trial

What does gunpowder stippling mean? (re: Convicted)

Thomas Randolph and his pigtails

Podcasts Discussed:

Reasonable Doubt hosted by Adam Carolla and Mark Geragos

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Convicted hosted by Brooke Gittings

True Crime Garage

Small Town Murder


Episode 1 – Frustration-Free Packaging

Toe thieves, biscuits-and-gravy murder, and machete-wielding teeny boppers… in their debut episode, Karah and Halley discover true crime is stranger than fiction. Karah tells us how she really feels about a self-congratulating armchair detective, and Halley fumbles through legal jargon in her round-up of what’s on the docket this week.

Stories in this episode:

Bill Cosby Court Case Underway

Jacob Wetterling Case File News

Adnan Syed Murder Conviction Status

Mary Kay Latourneau Divorce

Tulsa Woman Mutilates Corpse

Tara Grinstead Murder Investigation News

Biscuits and Gravy Murder Sentencing

Uber Machete Murder

Podcasts mentioned:

In The Dark, hosted by Madeleine Baran

Serial- Season One, hosted by Sarah Koenig

Up & Vanished, hosted by Payne Lindsey

What we’re reading:

Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Find Her by Lisa Gardner