Episode 6 – Iffy is All We’ve Got

90% laughter, 10% profanity… Halley and Karah really let down their hair this week. Struggling to push through vacation blues and not ready to face the world’s depravity, the girls stick to the lighter side of true crime — an all-night prison riot, the “Groundhog Day” of trials, and a lot of entertainment news: a new mini-series Halley is geeking out about, Chip and Joanna being sued because Waco sucks, and of course, OPP (Other People’s Podcasts). And almost no one dies.


Alexa Calls the Cops

Prison Riot

YouTube Prank Gone Wrong

Shannon Kepler Trial #3

Natalee Holloway

Fixer Upper Buyer Drama


Up & Vanished hosted by Payne Lindsey

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