Episode 7 – I Was Gonna Eat Some Nachos…

Karah delves into the story of America’s newest serial killer, Cosmo DiNardo, and walks us through the horrific events of his most nefarious week. Meanwhile, Halley refuses to admit she was wrong about Alexa, is still obsessed with Uber crimes, and of course, can’t resist talking about OJ. Oh, also: meth-heads doing meth-heady things.

Stories Discussed

UPDATE: Alexa Can’t Call the Cops

OJ Simpson (Latest)

Uber Murder

Lady Bites Johnson

Killer Cosmo

OPP: Other People’s Podcasts

Tapped from Feral Audio

Lore hosted by Aaron Manhnke

Convicted hosted by Brooke Gittings

Up and Vanished hosted by Payne Lindsey

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