Episode 12 – Incongruous Things

A little of this, a little of that… This week, Halley preps for Hurricane Harvey, brings us an update on sweet Kaytlynn Cargill, and two WTF stories out of Florida. Karah lays out the suspiciousness that is the Sherri Papini disappearance, and per usual, the girls do some conjecturing. Casefile is featured in OPP (Other People’s Podcasts) this week, and of course, Halley HAS to talk about episode one of The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

BONUS: The girls share their experiences with the eclipse and the lottery.

Eclipse Arrest

Stripper Stabs Cannibal Boyfriend

Sherri Papini

Casefile – Hosted By Anonymous

Episode 11 – Strong Opinions, Limited Facts

This week, PTTC starts out by getting personal, as Halley and Karah each share a recent creepy-old-guy interaction. Then Halley fan-girls over T.Swift’s $1 court victory for all of womankind and gets all the goosebumps over the Natalee Holloway news, and Karah takes us into the depths of the thwarted Oklahoma bombing attempt and the controversial tactics behind it.

Taylor Swift

Joshua Phillips Update

Natalee Holloway

Foiled OKC Bombing Attempt

Episode 10 – Was it a Subaru?

A badass and brawlers and bears, oh my! This week, Halley introduces you to a Cobb County mama with sass and good aim, a couple of feisty females in Dallas, and another unusual car thief. Karah tells us a Tulsa tale of the punishment not fitting the crime, and then takes us on a detour to Westeros (SPOILER ALERT) to discuss what’s on the whole world’s mind.

ALSO: A quick look at The Docket and what’s going on with Joshua Phillips, Michelle Carter, and Usher.

Story Links:

Under Review: Joshua Phillips

Usher’s Got it Bad

Ursine Joy Ride

Tulsa Fireworks Stand Shooting

Cobb County Mom

Bishop Arts Brawl

Episode 9 – Did Nobody Swipe Right?

This episode will probably leave you with more questions than answers… Like, how much Odor Eaters does it take to cover up “rotting body”? How does a kindergartner navigate an intersection? Does Cosmo Dinardo not understand what Facebook is for? How can you own up to eight felonies, but not admit to being fired? And after Halley and Karah speculate their odds, you may be asking yourself how you’d fare in lockup.

PLUS: Some Alabama prisoners get a taste of freedom, and it is… sticky.


Odor Eaters Cover-Up

Tiny Car Thieves

Cosmo Dinardo’s Facebook Posts

Toronto Man’s Web of Lies

Great Peanut Butter Escape