Episode 17 – Just Send Me a Card

Welcome to the “live-ish” episode! Life got in the way of the normal recording schedule, and left the girls with no time to edit, so they busted out a stopwatch and did their best to stay on track for an hour. Halley brings you updates on Kenneka Jenkins, the Mad Pooper of Colorado, a 27-year-old cold case, and the sentencing of Jason Lowe, and Karah reports from the rabbit hole that is the Maura Murray disappearance.

Kenneka Jenkins-  True Crime Garage

Mad Pooper Update

Clown Killer Cold Case Solved

Oxygen – Disappearance of Maura Murray

Episode 16 – Write Your Own Epitaph

This week is sidebar city — including a comically macabre detour, where Karah writes her own unconventional epitaph and Halley plans her own extravagant funeral — but the girls do discuss some true crimes, and of the most bizarre variety: the Mad Pooper of Colorado, a Dad-prank that went terrifyingly wrong, and the sad, strange death of Kenneka Jenkins.

The Mad Pooper

Dad, Quit Clowning Around

Chicago Freezer Death- Kenneka Jenkins


True Crime Garage: Elisa Lam

Zealot hosted by Jo Thornely

Missing Maura Murray

Episode 15 – Time Flies When You’re In a Cult!

This week, the girls flip the script — Karah takes over On the Docket with tales of cults and Katanas and the tragic case of Holly Bobo, and Halley struggles to calm her voice (and blood pressure) as she goes full Nancy Grace on the recent arrest of fellow Amarillo native, Katie Layne Quackenbush.

Holly Bobo Trial

Manson Family Member Paroled

Tulsa Sword Lady

Katie Layne Quackenbush

Episode 14 – Why Do You Hate Me?

This week the girls delve deep into semi-repressed memories of their teen years. Karah covers a case of a wife-killer with a head cold, and Halley gives a surprising and sad final update on the Kaytlynn Cargill disappearance. Finally the girls get spoilery on The Sinner– that mask tho!

Drunk Pre-School Teacher Appears in Court

Texas Couple Exonerated

Cold Medicine Murder

Phelps 911 Call

Cargill Update

The Sinner on USA Network

Episode 13 – Best of the Worst

Lewd, crude, and a little fast food! Halley and Karah are skipping the studio this week, so they’ve compiled another best of/worst of minisode chocked full of strange and silly.

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