Episode 19 – Chicken By Itself

This week, Karah forgets her own birthday and skips out on buying herself a cake, followed by a few quick updates on Natalee, Kenneka, and the murder trial that will not die. Halley spends a minute on a senseless tragedy too close to home, Karah submerges us in the missing-turned-murder case of journalist Kim Wall, and Halley spouts census facts as she tries to determine why women keep disappearing from Lumberton, North Carolina. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: the girls give their unbridled opinions on the latest pod-sensation, Dirty John, and it’s merry band of idiots.


Shannon Kepler’s Fourth Trial

Texas Tech University Officer Killed

Kim Wall Update

4th Woman Goes Missing in North Carolina Town


Dirty John presented by The L.A. Times

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