Halley is an Amarillo, Texas, native who grew up rustling cattle and getting shot in the leg by her older brothers. She now lives in Houston where she enjoys non-stop humidity and seasonal crawfish to-go. Halley does professional writing and consulting through her own firm, The Oxford Comma.

Karah hails from Southwest Oklahoma where, really, anything goes. Her hometown is mostly known for its high unsolved murder rate and its 18-and-up strip clubs. Neat! She’s a recovering vegetarian, a mother of two, and impossibly even-keeled. Karah resides in Tulsa with her family and listens to podcasts while her children cry.

The girls met in college where they shared a house with way too many other people and spent their hungover Sundays watching hour after hour of Law & Order SVU. They share a love of wine, true crime, well-timed witty banter, and their own one-liners.